Slack app for remote team bonding

My fiance & I just launched nametag (, a Slack app that sets up quality 1:1 pairings for remote team bonding. We decided to build this after a horrendous experience working remote for 2 years at a tech company with 0 focus on culture from leadership and feeling super isolated and lonely. I'm sure other people have gone/are going through this as well since COVID has shifted so many companies remote. I would love it if you tried our product and shared any feedback on if it helps!**Why we built this**We built nametag to productize remote work best practices. While issues of low team morale, video meeting burnout, reduced opportunities for creativity/collaboration are pervasive, there's a surprising lack of tools to effectively help πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. Many companies use Donut to create space for informal communication, yet we consistently heard that people opted out because random matching for coffee chats felt awkward and forced. In the real world, we'd rarely walk up to a stranger and start a conversation of substance, so why are tools for remote work built this way? **How it works**nametag believes warm intros create better connections. We match you with people you've interacted with for work but don't know well:- Every Friday, receive a list of people you direct messaged for the first time that week.- View their about me profile to learn more about their background and working style.- Schedule a 1:1 chat with 1-click.We started with this 1 feature because we think prompting social connection in an organic and non-disruptive way is the most effective tool to create genuine connections on remote teams. If we get traction, we'll build additional ways to match users and broader features to more fully address remote work challenges. Thanks for your support! πŸŽ‰
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This looks awesome! Great concept.
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Thanks! let me know if you have any feedback :)