Searching for Startup Mentor

Does anyone have ideas on how to find a mentor? I am a co-founder looking for help in the beginning stages of our startup. Thank you!
Hi, Iasha. Congrats on getting your startup off the ground. Are you able to provide more information about what you're working on and what areas of expertise you're looking for in a mentor?
Yes, absolutely! Our company provides self-defense tools for women. I have a few questions regarding the equity of shares when registering the corporation. But also general guidance on the process and what to expect next. After I register the corporation we will be filing a patent pending application but can use some help with timeline and strategization.
I didn’t realize that I replied to the original thread. Please see my other response for some thoughts.
I’m very excited about what you’re working on!The nature of your questions seem like they’d be well-suited for a lawyer. Even though there are tools like Clerky to do incorporation, I found it helpful to have legal guidance through that process. There are several firms that work upfront on the promise of deferred payment. That’s how we got help early. My friend also told me that there are programs specifically for Black and underrepresented founders to get early stage legal services and support for free. Here is her firm’s, but as I understood it, there are others: the practice would also support a patent application. I hope this helps!
Thank you for the resource, I will check out the website! Would you suggest signing some type of founders agreement before incorporating the company or after?
I’m always here for clarity early and often. Even if not a formal document, I’d have understandings worked out between cofounders before you incorporate.
Hi Iasha - Happy to help! DM and we can setup some time. I'm a co-founder of Delta Awesome, a bespoke startup advisory that helps with the questions it looks like you have. I love connecting with early stage founders :)