Why is there a 17 month average tenure for Revenue leaders? Free Event: Four Leading Founders Explain What They Want from the VP of Saleshttps://www.bigmarker.com/sales-impact-academy/Pete-Digs-Deep-What-the-Founder-Wants-from-the-VP-Sales?utm_bmcr_source=elpha

Learn what the founder looks for in the VP of Sales, and how to get it right at every growth stage.Agenda:1. Why is there a 17 month average tenure for Revenue leaders?2. What are the 3 most important things that a CRO should bring to the party?3. What infuriates Founders most about CRO/ VP candidates?4. What is the right archetype for a CRO or VP & how do you spot it?With advice from founders from all stages of the startup journey: 1. Dan Serfaty has gone all the way to running a publicly listed company with Viadeo2. Ivan Mazour is midway through the scale-up journey at Ometria 3. Emma Rees is just at the beginning at Deployed. Register for free here: https://www.bigmarker.com/sales-impact-academy/Pete-Digs-Deep-What-the-Founder-Wants-from-the-VP-Sales?utm_bmcr_source=elpha
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Thanks so much for sharing.... I've just registered!!