How to Deliver the Perfect Zoom Call - Tips From Zoom's Very Own Body Language Expert Is Your Current Set Up Hurting Your Business?

An hour-long lesson from the Body Language expert currently training Zoom's leadership team and their entire sales team to ensure they are communicating effectively online. This is a great opportunity to brush up on your online communication skills as simple things like how you set up your background could be hurting your performance! This session will include:1) The Zoom Setup That Will Help You Succeed2) Important Visual Queues and the Science and Psychology Behind Them3) How You Can Improve Your Sales With Body Language
This looks epic!! And so needed right now. Thanks for sharing @DaisyTottman
Thank you! It's going to be a really cool session. Mark Bowden has loads of cool tips and tricks that had never occurred to me. Well worth a watch :)
hi! is there a recording? i missed it!
Hi, this is an excellent session. I loved the first part that explained the setup to succeed. My work is fully online. This session helped me to make more out of my zoom meetings.Here I'd like to mention an application that I recently began using- Marsview Notes. It captured my meetings quickly, took my notes for me, and shared everything that was discussed in the call via email. It was definitely worth the upgrade. You can check it here