What is one technology/framework you are using or have recently used in a project that have simplified the development of a solution?

Hi Ladies,

I would like to hear about technologies, frameworks or architectures you have used that have helped simplify the development, maintenance and scalability of solutions you have built.

One example for me was working with Micronaut when building an API.

It simplified the development time and effort of the API as the framework took care of the API complexity. This meant we had to worry mainly about the logic of what each of the endpoints has to do.


  1. We defined the endpoints API using OpenAPI (Swagger) YAML: we added the calls, parameters, error codes, etc. (see attached image)
  2. Based on this YAML file we ran a command that created the base code, including the classes for each request, response. It also added the calls, parameters and validations for each parameter.
  3. If you have to make changes to the YAML, like adding more parameters or validations, you just update the YAML file, re-run the command in the editor and the classes will be updated.
  4. It supports authentication which you can relatively quick configure.

Details: https://micronaut-projects.github.io/micronaut-openapi/latest/guide/index.html