looking for entry level developer positionhttps://www.beautybybeza.com

Hi Everyone,

I am new to these forums and I am a Full-stack developer who recently completed bloom tech Bootcamp. I completed a project recently (www.beautybybeza.com) its a contract and client-based project and then I got a job in LMC, a small startup-like company. After I joined their vendors stopped paying them so they have to lay off everyone. I am having a struggle in explaining but I will do the project if you give me. While searching for a job, I gathered a group of people from my bloom tech and started to do the project. This way I can show what I am doing and I can work on a group project. Even though I am interested to work for a bare minimum wage but I love to work as a developer. I am not good with data structures. My skills are React, node, express, knex, and PostgreSQL.

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THank you for sharing this post! For your job search, I highly recommend you fill out your Talent profile to be matched with jobs that could use your skills/values etc. elpha.com/talent-pool. I also recommend you check our partner companies hiring for a multitude of roles elpha.com/positions
I have already applied ๐Ÿ˜”
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Jamila, I work at a well-funded startup focused on helping people get out of student loan debt. We're currently looking for a junior developer to mentor. Our job posts are broken into front end/back end at the moment but you can get your resume in the queue by responding to this one. You're welcome to mention that I suggested it to you. (I'm Head of Product.)https://apply.workable.com/payitoff/j/705A07D5F6/
Thanks I will apply for that position. Thanks again for your help
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If you want to let me know when you do and send me your name, our CTO promised he'd look at your resume asap.