👋🏾👋🏾 ladies,

Actually, I joined back in January, but never get to make my first post. I'm from the DR, currently living in Montenegro. I have been working on tech in remote companies for 9 years. I want to share my list of Remote job boards here. If you are having problems with finding a remote job and want some help or just want to rant, I'm happy to listen and share some advice.

Good luck with all your endeavors ✨✨✨

Hey Carmen! Welcome🌻 and thank you for sharing this amazing photo and your extensive list of job boards!
Welcome Carmen! So great to meet you! We have so many members looking for remote roles (so I tagged the Job Board community here for greater visibility) Excited to have and thanks so much for posting :)
@teresaman @iynna Thanks! I hope the list is helpful for others
Hey Carmen,Phenomenal list 🤩, even I was starting to gather all the different job boards, especially remote ones, relocation ones. I'd be glad to share my list, if you like, you can add them to your notion page. And yes, I'd love some advice, and beware, I may vent out too 😁Let know, and I shall DM you 🙏
Do share your links and I will add them to this list!
Hey Carmen, Was caught in a myriad of things, hence couldn't reply earlier. I maintain a spreadsheet in my laptop where I generally make a note of anything that I find interesting and useful. I filtered remote job boards and remote job related companies, put them in a notion page. I'm yet to complete. Still, thought it would be a good idea to share whatever I have compiled so far. Feel free to ignore the ones that's already in your list. I update it completely, shall send you a note again.
Let us connect if you want advice on how to start looking for a remote job!I am happy to help. My timezone is CET.
That's really nice of you 🤩. I shall DM you more details.