Do You Need a Second Opinion On Your CV?

Hey everyone! 👋

Today, I want to share a little about my IT career!

📚💻 It's been an exciting journey filled with challenges, growth, and much learning.

🔍 A humanities background

I started my journey by leaving my country to pursue a major in humanities. The world of history fascinated me, and I was captivated by the stories of our past. Little did I know that my passion for unraveling mysteries would eventually lead me down a completely different path.

💼 Early Career

In 2013, I landed my first tech job in an e-commerce company. This role exposed me to the dynamic world of technology and allowed me to interact closely with customers. During this time, I realized my humanities background will be handy in the tech industry.

👥 Diverse Customer-Facing Roles

Over the years, I worked in various customer-facing positions within the e-commerce, SaaS, and gaming tech industries. These experiences sharpened my interpersonal skills and tech knowledge and gave me invaluable insights into the diverse needs and challenges customers face in the digital space.

💡 A Turning Point

In 2022, I decided to transition to a coding role. I dedicated countless hours to learning frontend development, understanding software development principles, and exploring the intricacies of web and mobile apps. I left my job at (a unicorn company from Portugal).

🚀 The Big Leap

After eight months of relentless studying and job searching, I landed my first coding job as a Customer Support Engineer.

🌟 Giving back

I have reflected a lot on my journey, and I'm grateful for the experiences that shaped me and the skills I acquired along the way.

After more than 10 years working on tech remotely, I feel confident in my knowledge about Customer Support & Success, Account Management, Working remotely, and landing a remote job and all things customer in tech!

Hopefully, I will feel equally confident about my coding and testing knowledge soon. But even if I'm still a junior developer, I would love to share my transition journey.

Let me know if you are looking for a nontechnical or technical role in tech and need someone to review your CV!


Montenegro views!

I shared a list of the job boards I use here it's helpful in your job hunts!
You're amazing thank you so much for this kind offer! I am sure so many elphas will jump on this opportunity!
Thank you for sharing your story. At the moment, I am looking for a nontechnical role in tech and would love to talk with you more about the possibility of being a mentee. I sent you a request to connect on LinkedIn.
Will be glad to help you!
I am new here. Just activated my membership and saw this. I love your journey! So hopeful to get mine on track too. Looking to secure opportunities in Community Management. Desperately looking for mentorship!
Hello @MyMarsha, I'll love to connect. If you are actively looking for a job, check the list on this post, Elpha's job board:
Hi @cgbl I am looking for project management and scrum master roles! Also definitely looking for a mentor 🩵
Great @orongkatie! Please, DM me
Sending you a DM now @cgbl
I have no idea if you are still doing this @cgbl but if you are I believe @ananyasmirti would welcome the opportunity to have her resume reviewed.