Every interview is a chance to get better – Practical tips from 14 mock interviews with Elpha membersFeatured

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Thank you Allison for offering those mock interviews, and for sharing the tips with us. Do you have a practical interview tip to share? Let us know in the comments below.
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Allison, thanks so much for sharing. I love reading practical tips!I enjoyed this point in particular: "Most companies post their values on their Careers or About pages - those values are the lens interviewers are looking through when interviewing you." Understanding and being interested in a company's DNA is ultra important when interviewing; on the flip side, there is also an onus on the company to be *very clear* about what their values and mission are so that they can attract best-fit candidates -- something to keep in mind when one is posting a job opening on any platform, Elpha included! :)
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Thanks for the great tips, @allisonsilber! I especially like the tip about viewing each interview as an opportunity to get better. Too often I see clients miss the learning opportunity and quickly scratch the interview from their memory because it didn’t go “perfectly”. Each time is a beautiful opportunity to practice your pitch, figure out what’s landing, and learn what needs to be added for the next time. Thanks for these!
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You have and continue to provide great insight. I have realized that being genuine is half the battle. It is hard to create a great "pitch" for yourself if you don't really feel it.