I am looking for my first data science or software engineering role. I am passionate about using large data sets and research to answer complex business challenges. Skilled in cleaning and transforming, analyzing and visualizing data using tools such as Python, Pandas, SQL, and Tableau to create a concise and robust story for effective decision-making. Please check out my web app called Fireball Finder. In Fireball Finder, I used Python as the main language and Flask as the framework to build a web app that lets users see fireball and bolide event details. In addition, I used PostgreSQL to create a database, SQLAlchemy to query the database and Linux commands throughout the whole course. Please take a look at a video that introduces myself along with a description of the Fireball Finder web app at


Hi Shirley!it's nice to have you here and thanks for this great intro! You should totally check Elpha's portfolio companies that are hiring :) Did a quick search for you based on your qualifications and interests and came across this!