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Great article, thanks for sharing Gigi! I love the "chinnage" that is STORY OF MY LIFE haha
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No worries! This was a bit of a hefty read, so glad it entertained you!And "chinnage" is the story of at least ONE video we've all shot.
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This is super useful! thanks for taking the time to put this together
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My pleasure. It's my thing, lol!
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Amazing tips! So much appreciated. I hope your new term "chinnage" makes it into the dictionary or medical dictionary one day.
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Love this! To reduce chinnage and tired arm when joining video calls from my phone or tablet, I got one of these and it has been a life-changer!
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A stand holder! Nice!I've seen those, with the table clamp too. Yeah - that is a useful tool!And I gotta say, I love how everyone is using the word "chinnage" now. 🤣
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I LOVE this. super helpful, thank you! Would you be okay if I added your article to my website ( that has career development tips for recent grads? It would definitely put you as the author and link to your website or linkedin. If you want to keep it within this community, totally understand!
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Sure! Go for it. DM me if you need anything. 😉
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Great tips!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I noticed the glare from my glasses; maybe should try contacts more often.
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The only way I can get rid of the glare from my glasses is if I sit in a well lit room (lit up by sunlight), adjacent to the window. And kind of distant from the window so I don't get the window reflecting off my glasses.There's also lighting you can put overhead, but...I don't got time for that. LOL!So yeah, I'm usually a contacts girl.
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Thank you! My other secret tip is to keep a big, beautiful scarf, ideally a pashmina on hand, in case you accidentally lost track of time before you needed to make your wardrobe camera ready... You can cover up your bathrobe in a pinch....I mean, not that I'd ever do that or anything.
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Squirrel, just toss your bathrobe off and then wrap the scarf around you. Is it that cold in your place? 🤣But bathrobes are so freakin' comfy....SO - APPROVED!!!
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you are awesome!
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I try. 😏👾
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This is such a great post!! So many great tips and things to remember! Lots of great pieces to share with the college students I work with too as they prepare for virtual interviewing. Do you mind if I share in presentations I give to classes? I'll be sure to cite your post!
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I'm so glad you like this, and that's so dope to hear about your students.As far as sharing it - Sure! Go for it!