Are you learning yet? How to embrace and promote uncomfortable learning environmentsFeatured

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Like many we've been homeschooling our almost 13 year old. He has severe ADHD and mild dyslexia and can think of nothing better than just playing on his phone or Switch which of course we limit and which of course creates a lot of shouting from him - I'm learning and struggling every day with this on top of doing the day job, but back to your question. I've realised that his schooling is all about the topics, subject matter rather than the learning, he / we (parents) have not been given techniques in how to learn rather than what. How to think, how to develop critical analysis etc etc. This is something I have learned but then I do learn every single day without question and yes it's uncomfortable and yes it's hard. And I started an MSc at 47 in my "spare" time just to develop my learning capacity..In my last team we talked about lessons applied as it has to be active rather than simply learning and popping them away into the "filing cabinet".
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Yes, this is such an important aspect of learning. The most rewarding breakthroughs in my learning have come after a period of discomfort. I wish this was something I understood better when I was in school - if you aren't uncomfortable with what you're learning, you aren't taking it far enough. Being able to push ideas and theories past what you're already comfortable with will take you to greater levels of understanding.Thank you for sharing this.