Guided Conversation Groups: Diversity & Allyship

In response to the outcry over structural racism and racial violence of the past few weeks, we have put a great deal of thought into how we at Revel can create programming that educates on the topics of diversity and allyship. Our members were very eager for deeper conversations and education. And so, we've put together a four-week program for guided conversation groups in partnership with Longwalks that will kick off in mid-July. The content of the program is based on an anti-bias education curriculum. Our Revelers will meet virtually for an hour once a week for four weeks, to learn and discuss in a supportive environment. The best part: as with all of Revel, this program is free. You can learn more at the link above (below post title) or leave any questions in a comment. Hope you will join us in for these critical conversations.
Hello this sounds very interesting. I'm UK based so what time zone and if that works for me can I join virtually?
Hi! We are currently planning four time slots: Monday 5-6pm, Wednesday 9-10am, Thursday 12-1pm or Saturday 10-11am all pacific time. Perhaps one of the morning times would work for you to join (during your evening)? All meetings are virtual so you could definitely join. More info:
Thank you.