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Loooove this! Bring these elements to the Experiential Workshops for members and UnSlumber Parties! Totally vibin’ with what you’re doing. I create Playful Healing Spaces for women, and use the activities to foster the exploration, evolution and expression of her Authentic Self.Haven’t tried the breakout rooms yet but plan to with a larger workshop for an organization.
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I love this! As someone who studies instructional design / curriculum development, and is a community manager, this is extremely important to remember as I’m fostering community with different people. Thank you for this!
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Love this! Been struggling through designing self-guided learning programs for a remote setting, with remote and live portions, for larger groups. These are such good reminders. Thank you!
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It would be great if there is a virtual break room for a casual chat as we normally would do in office kitchen.
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Thanks for a product leader in edTech I love your approach to first build the community and help foster it through fun and engaging activities.