šŸ›  Build live collaboration tools and browser-based audio chat experiences for learning!https://www.notion.so/withprimer/Join-Primer-0a5c69cd11fe4ac89618ab91d5277d45

✨ I'm the founding designer at Primer, a home for ambitious kids to follow their passions and build interest-based communities. On Primer, you'll find kids...

We're looking for engineers to...

  • 🎨 build our live collaboration tools that help kids around the world feel like they're sitting right next to each other.
  • 💻 optimize our browser-based audio chat experiences that work on low power devices like chromebooks.
  • 🔐 create layers of security that keep our kids safe online.

We're looking for designers to...

  • 🖌 design highly customizable communities that help kids make Primer feel like their own.
  • 🧩 solve complex information architecture issues that help kids find a community they vibe with faster.
  • 🪄 experiment outside of existing design patterns. we're not interested in reinventing the wheel and want to create a magical online community where kids can play, experiment, and learn together.

➡️ You can find all our open roles here! Feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] with any questions.