How Canva started its journey to 40 billion USD evaluation

Canva lately raised 200 million USD and is now evaluated at 40 billion USD.

One of the fastest growing tech companies!

But in 2013 when they started no one knew them. I reverse-engineered their first years of life to discover what they did that helped them become who they are today. Things that can be easily repeated by everyone.

I started doing this exercise (the first was BuzzSumo a few weeks ago and I will continue with other famous products) because I want us founders to remember that every product was a product that nobody knew and nobody used at the beginning.

That there were turning points, whether because of luck or consistency, but no company was born successful :)

And we can learn from their stories!

The full research was shared in my newsletter and you can read it here on my website:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did researching!