Free Workshop: How to build the right MVP for your idea

The workshop is happening!If interested you can sign up here: IS A GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY :) If there is interest I'll find the time and the date for everyone. Please comment on this post to let me know if this is something you'd be interested in.So you have an idea and you'd like to test it. And to test your idea you decide to build an MVP that is either a website or an app. It sounds like a plan!Easy to say that, but building an MVP and especially the right one can be difficult and time consuming. Plus the risk that your MVP might not be built in the right way can be very high. A waste of time and money.Building an MVP is not just about coding, it is about prioritising, designing, building exceptional human experience to make interactions irresistible and increase the chances of success. You need to build an MVFP! Minumum viable friendly product :) Only after this initial phase you are ready to start the development of your product whether using the no-code, low-code or full code approach.In the past years I have designed and coded different MVPs and websites. In this workshop I'd like to share with you the process I follow to build human centred digital products that work!
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Count me in :). To be frank, many a time we tend to oversee the human experience aspect when we build an MVP, it generally tends to showcase the core of the product which probably is not always the right approach. Would love to hear from the expert.
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Hi Alessandra, I'm interested!
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This is awesome, I'm definitely interested!
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Wow! What’s generous offer. Please add my name to your list.
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I'm interested! This is so kind of you!
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Interested! Thank you!
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Interested too! 😊
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Really keen! Thank you @AlessandraEsse
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Interested! (:
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I'm interested!
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Yes interested!
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I’m interested as well!!!
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Interested :)
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Don’t know if you have ran it yet but I am interested :).
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Hi Virginie,The workshop is happening on the 18th of December.You can sign up here: to see you there!
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Just registered! And looking forward to it. Thanks for organising this.
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Hello Alessandra, I just signed up on the event. Thank you, this is very timely and it is going to help a lot since I am in the middle of building an MVP. As a product owner, UX designer and a coder I am having a hard time making decisions on prioritization. Looking forward to your workshop!
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Looking forward to meeting you there! 😊