FREE Workshop: Learn how to build a Friendly Human Centred MVP

Few weeks ago I posted about the possibility of running a free workshop on how to build a friendly MVP. Thanks to all the amazing Elphas showing interest, the workshop is happening :)The event is happening on the 18th of December. My Christmas present to you all :)I hope to see you there!Description:So you have an idea and you'd like to test it. And to test your idea you decide to build an MVP that is either a website or an app. It sounds like a plan!Easy to say that, but building an MVP and especially the right one can be difficult and time consuming. Plus the risk that your MVP might not be built in the right way can be very high. A waste of time and money.Building an MVP is not just about coding, it is about prioritising, designing, building exceptional human experience to make interactions irresistible and increase the chances of success. You need to build an MVFP! Minumum Viable and Friendly product :)Only after this initial phase you are ready to start the development of your product whether using the no-code, low-code or full code approach.Outline:*What is an MVP and why it can be so helpful*Why adding the F in the MVP (or in any digital product)*The steps to follow: -Who is your product for? -Research! -Set Priorities -Design process and User Flows - User Onboarding*Conclusions*Bonus: Differences among no-code, low-code and code approach and how to choose which one is best for you.Link where to register:
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Thanks for this, I launched my startup already but i really need this to help with my MVP which i am launching a version 2 this December
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Great to read! Looking forward to seeing you there 😊
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hi there, was this recorded at all?
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Hi! Unfortunately not.But I might do it again and I will let you know in case :)