❤️Elpha Queens Monthly Chat 👸🏾👸👸🏽👸🏻👸🏿March 2021 ❤️

"It’s the fire in my eyes, and the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, and the joy in my feet. I’m a woman. Phenomenally." Maya Angelou.Yes, it's March ie. Women's History Month and the Elpha team is so excited to bring you a Queen-themed monthly chat on March 8th, 2021 at 2PM ET / 11AM PT / 7PM GMTDuring the chat, you will:🤝 Meet other amazing Elphas from around the world;💡 Get a chance to share what you are working on;💭 Ask all your questions about Elpha!I will kick things off with a quick introduction about myself, and then there will be two rounds of 1:1 conversations (10 min each) where you and another Elpha will take turns to answer questions (or, talk about anything you want)PS: Tiaras/Crowns optional BUT are highly appreciated! 👑Add event to your calendar | See event details
Hi! Google is not authorizing this as a safe place to log in on? And I can’t seem to join the event otherwise?
I will look into the Google issue so you can add it to your calendar. But you actually only need to log on via the icebreaker link (in title) the day and time of the event :-) Looking forward to having you!
Got it. I was trying to reserve my spot! ✌🏻
I’m in. Looking forward to it. @michellebajurny this is the chat I was telling you about.
Can't wait to see you again and thank you for being such an amazing Elpha- really really appreciate you!
Thank you @Aileen!
Looking forward to it!
Looking forward to having you!
So sorry I can no longer attend as I now have a clash with a Monical Lewinsky event on the Price of Shame. I will share any insights and really look forward to attending the next one. Enjoy.
Okay but I actually do have a crown so... Hope to catch y'all later!
This sounds awesome @iynna, will there be another one for April?
Yes! Our next event will be hosted by our amazing CM @teresaman, on April 9 at 1 PM ET so 7 PM CEST. We typically post the details (link etc) at the beginning of the month so most likely on April 1 or so.We can't wait to meet you! :)
Did this happen? I was keeping an eye out for the post and the link, but I didn’t see it. Sorry if I missed it.
Yeah Girl you were here with your tiara on!
I meant the April one? I was definitely there at the March one - Queen of whatever I was queen of in the day. Tiara has been safely returned. 😂😂Did I miss an April event though. You’d mentioned the 9th, but I saw nothing further.
Yes stay tuned @AllisonFelt for our post about the one in April! We also have a chat every month!
Sounds good, thanks @iynna !