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Hey @lynchen! I personally resonate with this so much, so thank you for taking the time to map out these practical tips - especially loved the last point on learning to ask good questions. I've actually just written a similar article, open to a call and discussing the topic more in depth 😊https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/growing-company-when-youre-digital-introvert-jasmine-anouna/?trackingId=Wb%2Fax7pySGa5M5DY%2FxWJ%2Fw%3D%3D
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Thanks for sharing this, Jasmine! Love the accountability buddy idea.
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Thank you for sharing, Lyn!I'm like this too, I founded a community and I suddenly found myself needing to talk to people I don't know. It's tough, I over-think everything I say, and can drive myself a little bit crazy after I've had an important conversation. It's something I'm actively working on, once it's said and done, it's said and done and I need to move on.It's a work in progress!
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Thanks for sharing! Founding a community is a very high energy job for sure. So proud of you for always improving and I hope the practice becomes greater confidence to not overthink. <3 So relatable, you're doing great!
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Hey Lyn,Thanks much for sharing. It's so useful and so practical that I could see myself in most of the points you'd mentioned. Many a time I've zoned out in the middle of a conversation, like totally blank, and then used to feel stupid. I need to shake myself hard to come back into the zone, ha ha :)I also try hard to break many invisible ice walls that I myself built and after a point realize why did I complicate things, guess it's the fear of being judged and that may be because of the environment we grow up in. I loved your aspect of recharge routine, again very practical and I'm sure it'd resonate with most of us here.
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Thanks for sharing - totally agree, the fear of being judged and our environment growing up for sure affects our daily interactions. I would encourage you to continue to share the hard experiences with peers - I found the more I did it, the more my fears are lifted. Recharge routines can even be even as simple as putting on your best shirt or hugging your dog after a call. :) You got this!
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Thanks for sharing!!I’m the same way myself. I think my biggest fear is getting into an awkward pause in the conversation so I’m always trying to avoid that with a small list of conversation starters. I’m still working on my introverted-ness as well but like you said, practice makes perfect 😊
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So proud of you for working on your introverted-ness :)) Thank you so much for sharing. Conversation starter lists are great, and I hope one day you become so confident that you throw it away!
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refreshing article! Very useful tips :)
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Thanks for the kind words and glad you found it useful! Peeked at your bio, so cool you're in the esports industry <3!
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Thank you Lyn!
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Thank you for sharing!All these strategies are really great, I'm writing down strategies 3 & 4 to practice these more often :)
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Thanks for the comment! Great to hear this, Ngoc + good luck! :)
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Thank you for sharing. I lowkey worry about this but reading this put me at ease.
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Thanks for the comment and I'm glad this put you at ease. I think you're highkey awesome!
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Thank you for posting your thoughts! This is just what I needed right now. I'm teaching IT and often find it excrutiating being on show all the time. I've had to learn to mask it to do my job and a lot of people/my teaching collegues just laugh when I broach to topic of being an introvert and just wanting to be alone with my own thoughts. Thanks again it really helps 🙏
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Hey Tracey - thanks for sharing this. I know it must not be easy to "mask it" and be shut down. Always here to chat if you need it :)
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@lynchen Thank you for sharing your strategies for communication as an introvert. I am an introvert as well and it is quite challenging for me as my role involved working and communicating with a lot of people in person and online.I realise that I have a lot of anxiety before I speak but once I start speaking, I could go on forever and once I stopped it would be like I have never spoken before.My personality is so reserved that I don't like attention at all, I just want to get on with things without making any fuss around it. Trying to work at it and your strategies might just help in some way.Thanks.