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developers and designer peeps - do you work better remotely?

shevelopher's profile thumbnail
I canโ€™t live without my monitor!
lynchen's profile thumbnail
So true!!
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I'm quite used to working remote and I definitely find myself very productive. Especially if I am in an earlier timezone where I get a few hours of pure focus before everyone else gets online.As for tools (I'm a designer), Figma has been key to collaborate real-time with colleagues during meetings!
lynchen's profile thumbnail
That's awesome to hear! I'm a power user of Figma as well, I think it's super underrated. If you had to go back to working in-person, do you think you would enjoy it thanks to more opportunities to socialize?
teresaman's profile thumbnail
Absolutely - I enjoy in-person collaboration as well as general chit chats when socializing in hallways, kitchen, and other spaces so I'm definitely looking forward to that!
lauggh's profile thumbnail
I'm used to working remote as well. Have been doing this and requesting it from employees since I had my child. Nearly 8 years remote now.I'm a designer / information architect / content strategist.Tools I can't live without:Figma, Figma, Figma for collaboration and sharing workAirtable Miro is great for simulating post-its on a wallGoogle Docs / Sheets / SlidesZoomSet-upA great webcam -- great for people to see the whiteboard behind meA good mic -- I have a blue yetiA second monitor -- must haveAn external mouseWall space or a makeshift whiteboard behind where I sitA tablet (iPad) that I can connect via Airplay and share screen during Zoom when I don't want to use my whiteboard
lynchen's profile thumbnail
Thank you for sharing!!! Figma all the way again :D I want to check out Miro, I've been trying to find a tool like this for awhile. And overall, I love that you found something that works for you! I'm personally not in the stage where I'm ready to have kids, but it's always super inspiring to see how amazing people make it work :)
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Actually productive, and way happier. It's like night and day.Digital things: Adobe CC, Discord/Zoom, Trello, Google sheets/docs (I don't have office software installed locally), Backblaze (for peace of mind and no obsessive backing up anywhere else).Physical things: Two monitors (27" atm), bullet journal, my rig (I built my computer for gaming so no work struggles), custom sit-stand desk plus my Embody chair ๐Ÿ˜ (less pain now!), AKG K7XXs with a Modmic slapped on (makes long voice chats comfy and pleasant), and a webcam. Also underrated: a sunrise alarm.What about you?
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Hey Tabs! Thanks for replying to this and another post, I really appreciate it! We have a super similar stack: zoom, slack, trello, google drive, Figma for me :) Love the idea for the sunrise alarm, which one do you recommend? And wow that sounds like the perfect setup!! I'm super envious :P Physical things for me: a white board with my top 3 tasks personally and professionally, headset, mic/camera, one monitor.