What's your favourite book on product?

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Books: Emotional Design by Dan Norman Podcasts: Wireframe by AdobeAlso always looking for podcasts that follow 'Product' and 'Design'!
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Thanks for sharing these! Will check out the Adobe podcast!
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Product popcorn is a great podcast - I don't think they're doing new episodes but there are plenty already recorded and they're really interesting and fun šŸ™‚
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Two I've been recommended and have started (full disclosure I've not finished either yet but like what I've read so far!)Hooked by Nir Eyal Inspired by Marty CavanAnd one fantastic short read on how to ask questions to elicit truthful answers - the Mom test by Rob Fitzpatrick
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I also read Hooked and Iā€™d recommend it. It has some great considerations for building engaging user experiences!
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Inspired by Marty Cagan!