Boulder, CO (& adjacent) Elpha Community

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@CaseyCSimmons and I wanted to get a pulse on if y'all would find it beneficial to have our own WhatsApp Community. There is a Boulder Women's Community WA group, but it doesn't fit all of our needs (it is more general connection and less professional networking). Casey and I thought it may be easier to use for group meet-ups after posting here, to discuss time and location.

Is there an appetite for something like this? Is this against any Elpha codes? (If so, I sincerely apologize!)

If there is enough interest, we'll work to get this started. We have an email thread going for our next meetup later this month, and we can switch to chat.

Hi Elizabeth! You and @CaseyCSimmons are the real MVPs!! To address your question " Is this against any Elpha codes? (If so, I sincerely apologize!)" if you mean having an open thread where you openly discuss where to meet and when (like you both did here, NOT at all! :) in fact, we love it as you keep it open for people who may be newer members or unaware there was a Boulder group happening!