Product Operations Takes ProductCon

Hey guys!

Due to high interest and dozens of unanswered questions from their Kickstarting Prod Ops in 2022 Webinar, Becky Flint (CEO & Founder, Dragonboat), Hugo Froes (Prod Ops Lead, OLX Group), and Chris Butler (Global Head of Prod Ops, Cognizant) decided to continue the product operations conversation with a Part 2.

After unpacking their first-hand experience building and scaling product ops across companies of all sizes and industries, Chris, Hugo, and Becky will return to answer questions such as:

- How do you empower product operations?

- Any recommendations for smaller companies that don’t have access to resources like user research, analysts, etc?

- How do you think about scaling product operations? How do you know how many POPs to hire?

- Do you have any OKRs used to align and measure the success of Product Ops?

Part 2 we will be focusing entirely on audience questions, and the webinar will take place during the ProductCon conference in Dragonboat’s expo booth. Register for free access to Dragonboat’s exclusive content & the entire ProductCon event.

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