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Hi Elphas!

I offer support for women who are transitioning into the tech space. Whether you are looking for your first job or next job, and finding it challenging, during the job search process or navigating your day-to-day work, please reach out!

Although the coaching I offer is a paid service, I also offer a no-charge support call: a one time 20-min call that is soley to support you in any challenges you are going through.

Book a support call here:

If coaching is new to you, here is a few details about what it can looks like:

- Supporting you in recognizing your value and skills

- Providing technial know-how on creating an impactful job search

- Growing your communication skills to enhance your daily work and interviewing skills

About me

 👋 I'm Anna. I am a Product Manager and a Career Coach for navigating your career in tech. 

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