Designers, what software / tools do you use for illustrations?

Hey elphas, I want to start doing illustrations and I'm looking for a tool/app that I can use to practice. I've done a few things by hand and I'd like to practice on a computer or ipad. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
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In case you are interested in tools for non-designers as a starter here was a great thread
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Thank you!
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These are very different, but I've dabbled with Procreate on iPad (think freehand paint/sketch). On a computer, I use Illustrator (more for precise vector illustration).
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Nice, I've heard of Procreate. Do you think it's suitable for something like this? I'm keen to make really simple illustrations like these
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Procreate is a raster-based program, if that doesn't matter to you (Vector vs raster), then I'd say it's a good, low-cost solution. If you want more precise and vector based tools, Illustrator and Affinity Designer (or even Figma) could help you create illustrations like this.
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Nice! Thanks for sharing, Lara. Really appreciate it - I'll take a look at all of those options.
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Suggest Canva, especially if you don’t plan to design in Adobe Illustrator.
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Thanks for the suggestion, I've tried Canva but it doesn't quite work for these. But it looks like I've have quite a few options to test out now :D