What Female Founded World Changing Products & Services are you seeing or doing yourself?

Hi Everyone!We are all very mission driven founders with world changing products and services so why not focus on investors on your cap table who are too!As we all know it takes a lot to educate investors about our unique industries and products and too often this limits the pool of investors who would write you a check for your important social impact. So don't! ;-)Here's some easy to recycle content that will help attract more aligned investors to your project. I'll be reposting and tagging founders to brag about all the amazing solutions we are offering to positively impact the world. Please share your website and how you are changing the world so we can tag you into the conversations and re-posting these global discussions form Change NOW to attract more aligned investors to all our companies.Here's the videos we will be re-sharing, so if you see one that speaks to your industry or global problems let us know and we'll tag you as being part of the solution.
A couple I can think of with AMAZING founders!Caire beauty - clean menopausal skin care brand for women 40+ with science backed triple action Hyaluronic acid that benefits hormone impacted aging skin) cairebeauty.comHazel - designing a re-engineered adult diaper, focusing on fit, function, and aesthetics tackling the female incontinence space hellohazel.comStix - discreet & accurate pregnancy, fertility, and UTI products
Whooop let them know iynna from ERA sent you! :-D
Thanks for facilitating this conversation and resource sharing, Alexis @LifeCafeCEO. brand, Play Out, is an omnichannel brand building the future of inclusive fashion through a new gender-equal values-driven shopping ecosystem, with a social impact focus - donating 20% net profits to LGBTQ+ and BLM organizations. Poised to lead the new market of gender-equal fashion, we offer gender-expression affirming apparel for Gen Z to shop their authentic selves while supporting their values - including responsible manufacturing and future focused on circular textiles. I see alignment with the videos about impact trends in fashion and sustainability. Always available to connect!
Small world I just got a text from a SheTransacts founder saying that we should connect πŸ‘ love what you are doing! I'll message you to connect.