Launching on Product Hunt : Would Love, Tips, Shares etc.

I'm launching on Product Hunt today and would love to get community support, tips, advice, and of course check it out and up vote.

Leaving this discussion very open ended to see how to launch better with your support...



hi I might be fundraising in 6-8 months; the product seems fine BUT I am not sure it's helpful for me. You need to clarify a few things:1. you are a VC firm looking for leads and if this is like an 'application' 2. If this is just a tool that you offer to founders for a price. 3. All Raise is now offering what you seem to be offering, for free [ Fundraising masterclasses]. Why would a founder go through this process and pay for it? It's not clear to me who your audience is? Maybe offer a full 'prep the deck' process and help the person rehearse fundraising?4. The name is a little strange. Transaction comes off as cold and impersonal and at the early stage it's more about telling stories? 5. The website design (colors/fonts) looks a little dated. Squarespace has amazing templates. If this is targeted towards women, the design matters.6. This is the most important: I have no idea who the people who could invest in these businesses are.
Hi Sierra166,We are not a VC.We are a founder fundraising tool and innovation platform.Here's more information that covers most of your questions: are revolutionizing the fundraising process which is biased against women and minorities especially who don't have a large family and friends round for early runway.60,000 hours are spent on average fundraising a seed round and 80-90% of time is waisted reworking pitch decks, networking to find the right investors, and pitching only to fin out that only 50% of founders pass due diligence in the end.We start with due diligence first. By going through our proprietary process your answers are automatically displayed in your own Stack, which is a perfect pitch deck and due diligence.Our system create safe zones for you to share this out with investors. You can track who has access to your stack.Investors can request more info, introduction, or make an offer to invest.Each step of the process you are notified of an investor's interest and can either approve, deny access, or even block investors.Your ongoing due diligence and updates are automatically turned into investors updates for those you have given permission to access your stack.Our system limits the amount of time an investor has to make an offer.Less time waisted talking about investing and more transacting.Happy to answer any questions or offer a personal demo: [email protected]