Introducing Penny League, investing made social for women

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CONGRATS @reena !
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This all resonates. I started my career in education so I was contributing to a pension. I left after 8 years and was like where & how will I find that money? What is rolling something? How much do I even have? It didn't help that my salary in the school district meant I was living month-to-month, so I was very behind on savings. Anyhoo, long story short, I would have loved a community to lean on and I am so happy you're building it!
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Yessss, Reena! So excited to see where this goes from here... 👀
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@reena Congratulations on your launch! This looks awesome and definitely resonates. Wishing you success!
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I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! I am so thrilled and it is so refreshing to see a finance company that is actually intersectional and has representation. <3 woo hoo!