Not much going on in this group so far?

Anything on your minds? I have to confess that I'm getting frustrated with the lack of action... everywhere... on this front, and I don't know what to do.
I've been taking cars over planes for the last few trips, and have learned that it's not easy to go the long, hard route when one can just buy a short flight!
Hello! I'm new here, and hopefully I can help inject some content here over time. I work at Enel X as a software developer, so my job is to make it more streamlined for businesses to bring solar+storage power options to their commercial/industrial sites. I'm slowly learning a lot of energy market/nerdy stuff, and hopefully I can share that if there's interest. Also generally interested in talking about pretty much anything related to sustainability, climate policy, individual vs. community action, biodiversity, etc.
Hi! Thanks for chiming in, that sounds like great work. I for one am interested in learning as much as possible. I see a lot of suggestions for individual action floating around the web, but not much on a larger scale.
Cool! And thanks :) as some stuff with work slows down, I can help facilitate some discussions on energy or larger scale changes, though I am far from an expert on the latter.