The Block Editor is the worst thing in the history of the internet - change my mind

I like to think that I am not an idiot when it comes to building Web sites. I CAN NOT figure out how this thing is supposed to be functional in the slightest way. The iconography is horrible, half of them don't have mouseover text to explain what they're for, and the most basic things are hidden under weird menus.
Yea the block editor can get annoying. I really only touch it for blog posts. Have you tried building with elementor on wordpress? I find that that's a lot more intuitive.
I haven't really used that. Mostly I use WordPress for my blog, but I'm trying to prototype a new site now and ARGH. :) Thank you for listening!
We're not a fan of Gutenberg, either. Have you tried the Classic Editor plugin, @RebeccaStevenson? That's working well for us.
Oh thank goodness, I thought they'd gotten rid of it entirely. :) I will check this out--thank you!