Why is your work meaningful to you?

College and internships did not prepare me for the reality of full-time work.

When I graduated from college, my goals were simple - I wanted to work for a big tech company and live on the west coast. Now that I've spent a year and a half in the corporate world, I'm realizing that the work I do isn't particularly meaningful or enjoyable to me. Do you care about your company's mission and enjoy the type of work you do? Please elaborate - what motivates you even when you're having a bad day?

I've been having a hard time focusing on trivial work tasks when faced with issues I truly care about like climate change, gender and racial equality (particularly the lack of diversity in STEM fields), access to education, gun control, etc. Life is too short and careers are too long to spend time on work that isn't meaningful. If you know of a company that is using tech/science to make the world a better place, please share it here!

This site was recently posted by another community member on Elpha: could also do volunteering work with organizations like Taproot - there are a lot of nonprofits who could benefit from someone with a tech background/skills: you might also want to check out Rippleworks - founded by 2 former tech employees I believe:
I love helping people. I love learning about them and finding a solution to better them in any situation they been struggling with, like healthcare. So getting involved with indipop, just made sense. And with it still being a start up and new in the field, I can help mold it and build up our core values and what our mission really is. And my boss, Melissa Blatt, has been absolutely amazing.