Why is your work meaningful to you?

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This site was recently posted by another community member on Elpha: https://techjobsforgood.com/You could also do volunteering work with organizations like Taproot - there are a lot of nonprofits who could benefit from someone with a tech background/skills: https://taprootfoundation.org/And you might also want to check out Rippleworks - founded by 2 former tech employees I believe: https://www.rippleworks.org/
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I love helping people. I love learning about them and finding a solution to better them in any situation they been struggling with, like healthcare. So getting involved with indipop, just made sense. And with it still being a start up and new in the field, I can help mold it and build up our core values and what our mission really is. And my boss, Melissa Blatt, has been absolutely amazing.