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How to Get Started in Front End Development

quinneyeQ's profile thumbnail
Thanks for sharing this! Do you have any thoughts on whether Skillcrush in general is a good place to learn coding basics?
christinetreacy's profile thumbnail
I took a Front End blueprint with Skillcrush three years ago. It definitely taught me (a total newbie) a lot and gave me a good starting off point for my learning.
britishpandachick's profile thumbnail
I'm a Skillcrush alum. I've done two blueprints (web designer and WordPress developer) with Skillcrush and I definitely recommend Skillcrush as a place to learning coding basics. This where I started when I decided to learn how to code. They are always working on keeping the curriculum so it keeps up with the latest coding standards. Plus they give you a lot as part of the blueprint from office hours with instructors and teaching assistants to a community where you can get help or share your projects with other students in the course.