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How have you been using AI to power your job search? 🤖

Whether it's discovering effective job search strategies, practicing interviews through simulations on ChatGPT, or receiving valuable resume and cover letter assistance, we want to learn what tactics have made your job search easier.

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I've been using ChatGPT to write cover letters, Linkedin messages, and emails, but I haven't seen any results from doing these.
Oh really! I have a feeling people who also use it can see if it's a ChatGPT generated response :(
That's possible. I wasn't getting results when I tried writing things myself-it seems so much faster to do it with chatgpt.
Oh I see, and totally agree on the efficiency!
I've been using to edit my resume bullet points, create a good pitch and edit my responses to common interview questions. In fact, I wrote about using ChatGPT on my recent blogpost (If you're interested) -
I have used it to get a primer on an industry or a problem but absolutely no copy and pasting what ChatGPT says.
I've used it to generate the beginnings (no copy pasting) of interesting questions. Sometimes I know what I want to ask, but the (corporate buzzwords) escape me; ChatGPT helps with that so I sound more prepared with "What kind of a/b testing do you initiate when it comes to making a product that fits into the current marketplace?" instead of just "how do you do x?"I do think it's ironic how people don't like reading straight-out ChatGPT output. Many in a professional context, people are already speaking robotically. I guess now they see how dehumanizing it is.
I've been using ChatGPT to help with finding role titles to search for project management, community management, and sales operations roles. I've also used it to help me create an outline for cover letters since they're so tedious and specific to the role you're applying to. I will say ChatGPT does weave in a lot of keywords and examples if you feed it your resume and the job description of the role you're applying for. However, it is important to use it only as a reference or suggestion. I did actually get an interview for a role I made a cover letter for, so I will say it's helpful in being more efficient with my writing time.
These are extremely creative ways, I love it Joely (and love your name too :))
My recommendation for using Chat GPT while job hunting is to send it the job specs and then give it your resume. Then ask: "Does my resume fits the job requirements? Does it seems like I'm a good fit?"If it replies negatively ask it to expand on that. If there's a section of knowledge you are missing. Ask it to teach it to you. For example, last week I learned that Chat GPT removes all the filler words (Stop Words) from the text and you can maximize the word limit of each prompt by removing them ahead of time.
I have been using it for cover letters, and it has been a game changer regarding time saved and it seems like my response rate from recruiters has increased. I have used a ton of different commands, and the one that gets me the best result is "Write a short compelling cover letter matching my resume to a job description RESUME: (paste resume) JOB DESCRIPTION: (paste job description). The one word that really upped the quality was adding short :) I found AI can give lengthy responses without some guidance. I NEVER just copy & paste the result. I run it through grammary and in some cases, run it back through ChatGPT asking it to condense into 2-3 paragraphs if too lengthy. as increased