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This is awesome! Great advice. I'm starting a podcast for first time people managers this year, may I have you as a guest?
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That's awesome, congrats! Please post on Elpha when you launch, would love to listen!
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Thanks so much! Sure, I’d love to be a guest! I used to have a weekly newsletter for first time managers but we just pivoted to turn it into an e book. I’d love to pick your brain as we write the e book!
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cool! I will DM you
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Thanks for this article, perfect timing - I just onboarded 6 volunteers and a bit worried about how to do it right. Now I know what to focus on and how to do 1:1s
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I'm so glad this was helpful! Good luck with your new team members!
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This is awesome advice, thank you Anna! The point around 121s NOT being for status updates really resonated with me - as it's something our management currently insists on doing, and is my least favourite part!
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I feel you! It's something I used to do when I was really new to management. After I stopped doing it, and started focusing on career development, my 1:1s with my team members were a lot more beneficial