Combating the Scarcity Mindset Workshop

How many times do you end your day with thoughts like: “I didn’t get to do x today” or “tomorrow morning, I need to do y”? The scarcity mindset of never enough, judgement, and fear leaves us feeling depleted and unable to feel true gratitude and fulfillment. This session is part our first cohort of YaYa Workshops designed to build meaningful connections with other women who are working towards similar personal and professional goals. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore the scarcity mindset, understand its limitations, and move into a space of abundance and freedom. Together, we will look at “yes, and” places in your life and empower you to be at choice. With other women, you will feel less alone and more deeply connected to those around you. Join us as we share resources and ideas, and support each other!
This resonates with me -- I always feel behind. Would love to figure out how to reframe my own feelings of not doing "enough."