Stop eliminating yourself from opportunities! I'm Elisabeth Tuttass, Community Coordinator at Grid110 and Elpha Community ManagerFeatured

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Really enjoyed reading/ getting to know more about a fellow CM!I recently started Handmaid's Tale and I'm fully addicted to it now.This really resonated with me, "I've seen people self-eliminate from opportunities because they think it's impossible, so they don't even try or give it a chance." It might sound cliche but nothing is impossible (or at-least it's helpful to have that mindset). Sometimes we just have to be creative in our approach to "impossible" tasks or forced to work even harder at it. Even if the result isn't ideal, it's better than having no result, in the end. Thanks for sharing your impressive background and experience!
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Totally agree with Whitney re the statement about self eliminating! That is such a true statement and I fall victim to it constantly lol. I also agree with working with non-profits - I've learned so much being on the board of a local organization, it's been incredible. Thank you for sharing your story, and amazing work all around!
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Lovely - it is great to learn more about my colleague! I particularly like the note about just doing it now, and that leadership is cultivated. Very insightful and wise ;)
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Gurrrrrlll I would live at a Korean spa if I could.Let’s all keep dreaming big — we’re going to be the ones to shake things up in Silicon Valley and beyond!!!! 🤩
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Thanks for sharing your story- as a woman who also identifies as mixed (I’m half Japanese, half White), I too am realizing how important diversity is and how much representation matters! Not just race but in all identities and intersectionalities. I grew up wishing I looked different because I didn’t look those around me- now I couldn’t be more proud of my background and roots. It’s so important to celebrate who we are and figure out how we can give back to the world. Good for you for realizing this at 22, I’d say that that’s pretty much rockstar status💪🏽🤩