Recommendations for a life / business coach?

Hi Elpha!

I would love your help with some coach recommendations if you have any.

I’m searching for a life / business coach who can help me refine my life goals / North Star and ideally start to help me define my 3-5 year business goals within that. I've run my coaching business full-time since 2017 and want to take some time to really think about the next chapter before going in whole hog. Before getting into the weeds of work, I want to refresh my life North Star as the foundation.

Below I’ve outlined what I’m ideally looking for in a coach. If you think this will resonate with a coach you know, please let me know! I would love to chat with any and all potential coaches to see if we could be a fit. Happy to share more info if helpful. Feel free to email me directly at laura[at]




Coach Criteria: This could be a fit for you if...

  • You’ll help refine my life North Star + create a 5-year plan to move in that direction
  • You draw out what’s authentic to me - not what’s expected by others
  • You can start to help me define 3-5 year business goals within that context
  • You can help me think deeply and turn that into action (e.g. homework)
  • I can be my full self with you - not an edited version; I feel safe
  • You have high integrity and honesty, enjoy helping others, and having fun
  • You’ve been doing this for years and it’s your strong suit
  • You’re dedicated to, and invested in, my success beyond just our sessions
  • You meet me where I am - not a structured program for everyone

About Me:

  • / LinkedIn / Bio
  • I’m an executive & coach working with people going through transitions in their work
  • I primarily coach senior executives / co-founders / CEOs in start-ups and small businesses
  • I’ve coached full-time for 6+ years, working with hundreds of clients
  • 50% of my work historically has been 1:1 clients; the other 50% has been working in-house a 1-2 start-ups as their in-house coach and consultant on people and talent development
  • I have a 6-figure income and want to reach closer to 7 figures - by myself or with a team
  • I want to build a business that supports my life North Star - e.g. working ~30 hours a week and having the flexibility to spend time with friends and family, self care, hobbies, etc.
  • Prior to coaching I spent 7 years in senior operating roles in early stage start-ups
  • I have an MBA from Kellogg @ Northwestern and an engineering degree from Duke
  • I live in Brooklyn and love playing volleyball, learning to be a better cook, playing games of all sorts, walking through new cities, and nesting in my apartment.

I wonder if @DianePrince could help on the business side?
Thanks for the rec!!
Thanks @iynna! Hi @lauracastaing! As a business and life coach, I have helped numerous business owners see their blind spots, refine their North Star, create their visions and plans, and hit goals. Because of my unique combination of practical business experiences and life coaching experience, I am able to customize coaching based on where the individual is at, not a one-size-fits-all. I will also deeply listen and hold space for you to safely be your full self. I commit to taking chances by providing feedback (when appropriate) not to please you, but to help in your process. Let's chat!
Thanks, Diane! I replied by email
Well WONDERFUL to know you cover the life piece also :)
Becca Camp is fantastic. I’ve worked with her for several years now. She focuses a lot on the interplay between your body and your mind, as well as authenticity. Based on what you’ve listed I think she’d be a good option for you.
Thanks! I'll check her out
I’ve worked with executive and life coach Julie Ketover and she is amazing. Highly recommend you reach out. Happy to talk to you about her as a reference if you’d like.
Thank you! I'm wrapping my head around the recommendations and will reach out if a reference makes sense. Thanks so much for offering!
Hi Laura,You got my attention when you said, “…draw out what’s authentic to me - not what’s expected by others.”I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, and one of the biggest shifts I made in my own life was when I realized my North Star was in a totally different place than I thought it was—because, for many years, I was living in such a way to avoid disappointing others, instead of living to more fully enjoy my life. I am now a Life Balance Coach and host of the Charis Your Life podcast. I am also a Certified Fearless Living® Coach, Certified Fearless Trainer, and Positive Intelligence® Trainer.A little more about me… A hot air balloon accident when I was nineteen left my Dad paralyzed with a broken neck and led my Mom to become an alcoholic. I managed my internal crisis by staying ridiculously busy. I now help high achievers go from Busy to Balanced and live the life they REALLY want. I believe that you CAN have it all without the guilt of your ambition, fear of judgment, or sacrificing your health and true passions.I am known for providing actionable steps and deep inspiration that empowers people to overcome inner challenges, reserve personal space, balance their needs and wants, and live a fulfilled life on their terms.Let me know if you’d like to set up a call to meet and see if you think I may be a fit for you.Warmly,Charis
Thanks Charis! Congrats on building your business and on so much progress. And thank you for sharing your story. What's the best way to reach you? I'm wrapping my head around potential options later this week.
Hi Laura, I’m so sorry I missed this last week. I am new to Elpha and although I had thought I set up email notifications properly, I didn’t receive an alert. If it is not too late, you can email me at [email protected] or call or text me at (844) 444-1975.
No worries! I was out part of last week so just getting organized. Thanks for sending your info!
@lauracastaing Charis is amazing! She is also leading a workshop at our next SF Elpha event: - come and meet her in person if you live the area.
Oh thanks for this! I'm in NYC so will have to miss it. Sounds fun though!
Alison is an awesome coach. Highly recommend.
Thank you! I'll check her out.
Hi @lauracastaing - I am a 4X founder turned business coach who is not here to sell you on my services but am happy to talk through how to select a coach and approach the process. I interviewed a dozen and worked with several before hiring my first coach. Finding our true north stars is my passion. Elyse
Thanks Elyse! Sorry for the delay. I ended up taking a few days off last week and am just catching up. I'll reach out you separately!
Christine Hockman or Lauren Balukjian. Both are incredible.
Thank you! I'll check them out!
I highly recommend Amanda - she is incredibly talented
Thanks for sending! I'll look into her.
Hi Laura,It’s great to see your commitment to taking the time to reflect on your next chapter before diving in wholeheartedly.Based on the criteria you’ve outlined, I believe I could be a strong fit to support you in your journey. Here’s how my coaching services align with your needs:1. Refining Your Life North Star: I specialize in helping individuals like you clarify their life goals and create a clear vision for the future. Together, we can delve deep into your authentic self, uncovering what truly resonates with you rather than what is expected by others.2. Defining Business Goals: With your coaching business experience and my expertise, we can work collaboratively to define strategic business goals that align with your life North Star. I will guide you in exploring various avenues and developing a well-defined plan to move your business forward.3. Deep Thinking and Action: I believe in the power of introspection and translating insights into tangible actions. Through thought-provoking discussions and customized homework assignments, I will help you turn deep reflection into practical steps, ensuring you make meaningful progress toward your goals.4. Safe and Authentic Environment: I provide a safe and non-judgment space where you can be your true, unedited self. Building a strong rapport and trust is essential for our coaching relationship, enabling you to openly explore ideas and perspectives without reservation.5. Integrity, Dedication, and Fun: With years of experience as a coach, I bring a high level of integrity and honesty to my coaching practice. I am genuinely invested in the success of my clients and take great joy in helping them achieve their desired outcomes. Together, we will embark on this journey with dedication, enjoyment, and fulfillment.6. Tailored Approach: I understand the importance of meeting you where you are in your journey. My coaching approach is not a one-size-fits-all program but rather a customized experience designed to address your specific needs and aspirations.I have reviewed your background and impressive track record as an executive and coach. Your dedication to personal growth and building a business that aligns with your life North Star is inspiring. As a coach, I am committed to your success beyond our coaching sessions and will support you in reaching your goals.If you’d like to explore further and see if we are a good fit, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation. During this call, we can discuss your goals in more detail and get a sense of our compatibility. I will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] to arrange a consultation. I look forward to the opportunity of working together and helping you create a thriving business that supports your ideal lifestyle.Warm regards,Louise
Thank you for sending all this! It seems like it could be worth chatting. I'll reach out to you directly.
Hi @lauracastaing - I'm a little late to the party here but figured it would be helpful to send my information along either way. You didn't mention anything about kids in your profile but you did mention family-- I'm a Business Coach for Moms and specialize in helping expecting entrepreneurs set up their businesses for the transition into maternity leave and motherhood. All the bullet points you mentioned are within my wheelhouse with the added focus on creating flexibility and supporting the multitude of identities. I might not be the coach you need now (or you probably would have mentioned it in your post) but happy to connect if you want to learn more.Hope you continue kicking butt in your business!PS. Loveeee volleyball-- played in high school and never say no to a game (unfortunately, I live in Maryland, not Brooklyn).
Thanks Jenna! You're right that kids aren't in the mix yet, but could be in the future and you would definitely be great to reach back out to for that. I'll also keep you in mind as I have potential clients to send your way. Thanks for sharing your info! And let me know if you're ever in Brooklyn to play volleyball!!