Cost of developing a mobile app

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Hey Laurel,Great to hear you've done all of this work to get it to this point.I'm a developer myself and have built and launch a few apps in my time so that's where my insight comes from.I think it all depends on the quality of the app you are looking to build, do you want to create an early MVP just for testing for example? This would be cheaper, than building it to a really high specification.My top tip would be to be super clear on what you want before you commit to working with any development agency. Costs usually escalate as soon as there is miscommunication between what you expected & what actually ended up happening.P.S I help women in your exact position get their ideas off the ground, so if you ever want to work together I'd love to support you on your journey, my DM's are open. (There's only so much you can get in a quick message!)
No experience with costs of developing an app, but I can help when you’re ready to scale :) - Annie
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Teach yourself Figma (it’s free) and build yourself a fully clickable prototype. Then use Figma mirror to have friends try it out. Iterate. When you’re only your fifth version of a fully clickable prototype, then begin investing in external design/UX support.