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Congrats on getting to that lead role!! "I try to make it clear beforehand that I have a loose agenda in mind, but my own agenda would be secondary to anything that the engineer wants to discuss first." - I think this is super important and all my favorite managers used to the same strategy. :)
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Echoing Sandra's comment on that, I also have found that prioritizing their items / agenda ahead of yours is also a good way to structure the 1:1. It decreases the chances of having no time left in the end for what they want to bring up and also, make it known that their voices are important.
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Thanks for reading @sandramedina and @teresaman. Everyone has their own style, but yes this is definitely the direction I/we appear to prefer, especially when time is a factor. If there's ever anything I think they "need" to know, it makes more sense to me to create a separate meeting with that topic at top of mind, rather than using "their" 1:1 time to focus on their concerns.
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Congratulations! It’s so inspiring to hear from a woman software development lead! I’m still at the start of my programming career, but hope to lead a team one day, just like you do now! Can I ask what your career path looked like? Did you feel “ready” for a leadership role?
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Thanks for reading :) I think some part of me has always aspired to taking on a leadership role, specifically along the lines of "management" rather than "tech lead" as I'm more interested in the people aspect and growing their careers. It's hard to say if I (or anyone) truly feels "ready" lol, but from my experience it tends to be a mix of preparation and then just taking the leap. To prepare, I made it clear with my previous leads/managers what my career goals were, so they were able to help me set milestones and gave me tasks/responsibilities to lead me in that direction. Hope this helps!
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I work at a Software Development firm as Head of HR and we are currently creating a Manager in Training program that will hopefully help prepare developers become Team Leads. Thank you so much for this, it was very useful! If you have any other tips or sources you think I should add to the program we are creating please let me know.
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Glad it helped, thanks for reading :) I'm not sure what the program has so far, but I personally like to put more emphasis on communication, leadership, and other soft skills. As an engineer myself, I sometimes find that engineers (or other technical people) are stellar on the technical side, but may benefit from more guidelines on soft skills and professional conduct.
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Thank you so much!
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Thanks for writing this! I’ve been offered an engineering manager role at my job and I’m currently struggling with the decision to transition away from being an individual contributor. This post has been helpful in seeing how others approach leading.
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Congratulations on the offer! I've worked with people before who have transitioned from IC to eng manager and loved it, as well as people who did the transition and then transitioned back to IC later on as they found they preferred the direction of IC work. You do you :), and go for the opportunities that suit your own goals and lifestyle rather than what the next step "has to be"