HIKI, arfa's line of full-body genderless sweat products is available today! + 20% off for Elpha members.

@arielwengroff and the team at arfa (an Elpha partner company) just launched the brand HIKI, a line of full-body genderless sweat products. They originally launched the brand at the onset of COVID by giving their products away for free and sent ~20K products to frontline workers across the country.Today, they've announcing the official HIKI launch! If you’re interested in trying out the products, we have a referral code for you for 20% off: HIKIHOOKUPAriW20.
Yes please to anything genderless 😌we all sweat the same!
I recently learned that 'men's deodorant' is designed with the assumption that there will be hair, and 'women's deodorant' assumes shaved pits. Blew my mind! Seems like rather than men and women, the product divide could just explicitly be 'hair' or 'no hair'... :)
This makes way more sense!