How to grow in 2021: 3 steps to building strong customer relationshipsFeatured

Deloitte named *trust* as one of the main factors for growth in 2021. Here are 3 steps (and 7 copywriting tips) to build trust and cement strong customer relationships.2020, the mother of all curveballs, and the first weeks of 2021 have left us all craving connection. Since the arrival of Covid-19, technology has become integral to many of our interactions, including incredibly personal events like birthdays, weddings, and introducing our newest family members. It’s also been, and continues to be, a deeply divisive time. We’re more guarded than ever and we’re quick to dismiss the people and companies that don’t align with our values. At the same time, we’re wholeheartedly embracing those who meet our values in an authentic way.People are yearning for understanding, connection and safety. To grow and thrive in this exhausting ‘new normal’, businesses of every size need to intentionally and authentically earn the trust of consumers.If this is starting to sound a little touchy feely, don’t assign it to the realm of feel-good business philosophy just yet. Building consumer trust is proven to have very real outcomes for business - and there’s cold, hard data to back it up.Social Media Week reported that a lack of trust costs global brands $2.5 trillion per year. Deloitte found that ‘62% of customers who report “highly trusting” a brand buy almost exclusively from that brand for the category.’ They also discovered that when customers highly trust a brand, 88% bought from that brand again and 73% will try another product and service from the brand. Ok, cool. Trust is good. So how does a business build trust with their consumers?These three steps will help you figure out what consumers want from your brand and how to give it to them:ListenTalk with your existing and past users, clients or customers. Understanding the wants, needs, and motivations of your actual consumers is worth a million demographic-based avatars. Find out:what made them choose your brandwhat they love about your product what problem it’s solving for THEM (this isn’t always what you intended your product to do and is amazing intel) if it’s relevant, what made them stop using your productAlignRevisit your value proposition. A critical element of trust is delivering on your promises. It demonstrates your authenticity in real time and reinforces trustworthiness. This is just as true for a brand as it is for a friend or loved one. Do the promises your brand is making align with the values your customers hold close? Can you deliver on those promises?MatchMake sure your value-aligned messaging stays consistent across channels and throughout your funnels. A seamless messaging strategy reduces friction (those points of disconnect where your consumer has to ‘work’ to find what they need), which reinforces your brand reliability and, you guessed it, builds trust. It also helps consumers to effortlessly slide through your funnel to the buy button. Follow these three steps and you’ll have a solid communication framework to start building trust between your ideal customers and your brand.How you present this framework in your customer-facing copy is the next critical step to instil trust and build a base of loyal customers. So how do you write trust-building copy for a sales page, landing page, website, email campaign, or just about any kind copy, anywhere? Here are seven ways you can make an impact, right now, with simple tweaks to your copy.- Keep your copy reader-centric- Clarity beats cleverness every time- Check for typos!- Use testimonials and social proof- Show your results - Show awards and media coverage
Can you list the sources for this? Would love to read further
For sure! They're both really interesting reads. The Deloitte report you can find here: And the Social Media Week report is a little older but you can find here: :)