Ace your performance review for women in tech - course survey

Hello 😊

I am building a live, 1-week cohort-based course for women in tech on how to ace your performance review.

I would appreciate your thoughts on the topic by filling in this survey:

(This will also add you to the waitlist, but there is no commitment involved ;) )

This course is designed to

➡ help you confidently ask for what you want

➡ control the outcomes of your review

➡ negotiate a salary increase

Who am I and why I am building this course

I have been in tech for 10 years, but only accelerated my career by acing my performance reviews.

I went from a Software Engineer, to Tech Lead, to Product Director in 3 years by applying the principles that I will share with you in this course.

I have supported more than 200 women at different stages in their tech careers over the past 2 years as a full time Career Coach and Trainer.

Now I’d love to teach you.

Thank you in advance for your input! 😊

Also, if you have any questions please reach out!