Following up post ghosting?


I am hoping for some helpful advice here as I am baffled at the amount of ghosting these days. It has been a few years since I've been in the market for a new role however, like many others right now, I have been laid off. I applied for a role I was well qualified for with a company that had a great mission and values. I was contacted for an interview and scheduled for a Monday. The interview was great, conversational, insightful from both sides, and productive. The People Manager was the interviewer and candidly shared at the close of the interview that she was very impressed, thought I would be a great fit, and was excited to move on to the next steps and advised that she would follow up by Thursday. I sent her a well-crafted thank you email the next morning, but I didn't hear back from her by the end of the week but waited until the following Monday to reach out. I sent a short but sweet check-in email, no response. I sent one more a week later, no response. I'd like to follow my gut here and say "3rd time's the charm". After such a great interview I'd love to find out the status, or at the very least, some feedback if they chose not to move forward with my candidacy. What are your thoughts on this? Send the 3rd email, reach out to the Director of people (she's on LinkedIn), or call it a loss?

I've been ghosted before, it's to be expected with the territory, but this one hit home. It's incredibly discouraging that this seems to be common practice these days. How do you handle these scenarios?

I would try a third and final. I would also connect with her and send similar messaging on Linkedin if you didn't already (beyond email). After that, move on. My guess is one of the three things will happen:1) No reply ever2) A reply a couple weeks later about a change in the job, stall, or internal hire3) A reply months later asking you to interviewGood luck and I'm sorry!
It could be there’s changes happening with the role and they’re trying to clarify before replying. A lot happens on the back end that candidates don’t see. As a recruiter, I’d say candidates ghost me more than I ghosting them. If I ghost it’s often an accident, I’m waiting for more info from an indecisive hiring manager or potential changes are coming, or even this week a candidate thought they didn’t hear back from me but for some reason my messages went to spam. Send one more message inquiring on the status of the role. Give a little grace and know the other person is likely just as frustrated as you with internal shenanigans.
Here is the content for your third mail. Hi X, I just wanted to follow up again regarding my continued interest in the YY role. As I am currently getting further into conversations with a other potential employer my timeline is getting shorter to potentially make a decision about my next role. I hope that in the spirit of transparency if I am no longer being considered you will let me know sooner vs later as you remain at the top of my list and interest. Can you respond by end of week either way so I know how to proceed on my side? Thanks again for your time and consideration. Have a great day! Jessica PS feel free to word for word take this!
Thank you!