Hiring Customer Success Associate at mission-driven women's health startup!

Hi everyone! I'm the cofounder of Twentyeight Health, a mission-driven startup focused on increasing access to reproductive and sexual health for underserved communities. We are hiring a remote FT Customer Success Associate! See job posting here ( and please share with those that could be a great fit!
@brarian 👆🏽
Hey @amyfan ! Would love to talk about Twentyeight Health, seems like we have a similar mission re: women's health tech :)
Hi Kelsey! Nice to meet you. Feel free to reach me at [email protected]!
I am 1000% behind your mission, and eager to join a FemTech startup that aligns with my purpose. Please keep an eye out for my application!
Fantastic! My partner has been working at Planned Parenthood for 9 years and looking to make a move into FemTech. I'll pass it along!