Women are starting 1.8K businesses per day in the US >> accelerator + masterclass for women building ecommerce brands !!

Elphas! My awesome friend / therapist / surrogate co-founder @dulma just launched her company, Makelane, an amazing tool for female and female-identifying founders in the ecommerce space. Dulma's super smart, thoughtful, and incredibly passionate about community building and I've watched her build Makelane from scratch over the past year and genuinely put her heart and soul into it. I thought Makelane could be an amazing resource for a lot of Elphas who are building brands either full-time or on the side.Also, I was blown away by these stats Makelane put out around why they're doing what they're doing:➡️ Women are starting 1,817 businesses per day in the U.S. alone➡️ They are starting businesses at 2x the average rate➡️ They own 40% of all privately-owned businesses➡️ Women of color disproportionately drive new business growth rates in the U.S.
Woo! This is AMAZING, @dulma! Thanks for sharing, @jordansale. Excited and inspired (and I don't even have an e-commerce business...) <3
Thank you @rachelclifton!
Thank you so much!! You are the best. :D If anyone has questions about ecommerce, the membership, whether it's a fit for you or someone you know, OR if you want to chat about building online community or memberships, email me at [email protected]!