Have you ever had a manager who’s done any of the following?:

  • Micromanaged: Going to the extreme with constant check-ins and close monitoring
  • Talked down to you with the assumption that you’re not at their level of understanding, intelligence, and experience
  • Made decisions for you without your input
  • Assigned tasks that are below your skill level
  • Punished your mistakes or critiqued you harshly without giving you the opportunity to learn and grow from them

Unfortunately, this cringe-worthy behavior is common among not-so-great leaders and I’m here to call it out.

As a shorty, 4’11” Filipina woman, my entire career has been negatively shaped because I historically have looked younger than I really am, a commonly shared challenge by BIPOC and people from the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community experience.

I wrote an in-depth blog post about how undermining our authority and treating us professionals like children is harming us and our career growth.

+ Plus, helpful tips on how to avoid following someone else’s template of leadership that isn’t aligned with your values or who you are.