Any Elphas in Buenos Aires, Argentina?

Hello Elphas!

I'm curious to see if there are any Elphas in Buenos Aires – my home city! If so, I'd love to meet up for coffee or drinks. Maybe we can organize something for mid-November? Excited to meet you! (if you exist, haha) 💜💜💜

Hola! 👋 I’m in Argentina but not BA
Hola! 😊 En que parte estás?
Hermoso! Quizas podemos hacer un encuentro virtual entre las argentinas que formamos parte de Elpha 😊
I might be back in Jan/Feb! hehe hi ☀️
😍 No way! How exciting! Maybe you and @iynna should plan to be in BA around the same time? 😉
Also, please let me know when/if you come! 🤗
Me! Estoy en buenos aires
Whoops, realized I commented on the other Arg thread – but yes, let's sync up!
Oh my gosh! The OG Porteña herself hosting a meetup! I'm so stoked even though Nov is tight for me, but let's run it back in March!?In the meantime, here are the elphas who might be in BA then? @carolinaarrigone @mariapezman @vanesaboulet @veronicaperez @paulamonticelli, @lauragiorgi, @agustinakramer @katiestamey @JosefinaRaposo @celesteortiz, @mlhalling
I'm heading to Buenos Aires Dec 17-Jan 28 to digitally nomad out of there! Would love to meet you and other Elphas while there! It's my first time in Argentina too - so so excited!
Perfect timing then! Excited to meet up when you're there :)
Hi! I'm in Buenos Aires, I'd be happy to meet you!
I'll DM you! :)