Starting side hustle/consulting services for product needs

Hi! I'm a product manager working at a fortune 500. while i'm loving the wlb i am finding it a bit slow and i'm really missing the pace of a start-up/ high-growth. i was thinking about starting to look for part-time/ contract consulting roles where i can take on some product work on top of my day job. not sure if anyone has done this before or has any advice on how to best approach spinning up a side hustle like this? would love any thoughts on how to find/land these contract roles, what rates are fair for hourly or project-based/flat rates, and any other things i may not be thinking of (i think there's a whole tax implication / 1-9 side to this i haven't discovered yet).

thanks in advance!

Hey Diana! I run my own coaching business and have worked at a number of startups. I found OGC really helpful because there are a bunch of women starting their own consultancies and talking through the same questions you have. i believe the first month is free and then $10 after that. If you're interested I can refer you - dm me!
Thanks so much for the rec! I'll take a look and will reach our for a referral if I decide to subscribe!