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Thanks for this advice! The agency I just joined has been doing extremely well through word of mouth and networking, but we're going to be more active with our marketing to achieve ambitious growth goals (which is why they hired me). A big part of our strategy is developing original content and it can be overwhelming to think of all the possible topics to write about, but I have to remind myself to keep it focused.
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Exactly! I really feel like focus is freedom. That's what a strategy is for in the beginning. You don't need to create it all. Honing in on a few key topics, formats, and marketing channels to experiment with first will help you drive more impact as you get started.
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This is phenomenal! I loooove the reminder to create 1-3 pieces of super powerful content and recycle them again & again. It's true that not only does this save a ton of time, but it means you actually create a much more consistent story around your brand or business! ❤️
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Yes agreed with @LaniAssaf! I also think people actually need to hear your message over and over for it to sink in, be understood, and to be remembered.
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Such a good point and another benefit of turning to your core 1-3 pieces again and again. What may feel like repetition to you feels like consistency to your audience.
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This is such a great summary for how to use content marketing in a clever way! I will definitely try re-using some bigger pieces of content across different mediums. It’s so overwhelming to keep up with producing a consistent amount of content all the time, so this could be a lifesaver!
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Yes! I hereby grant you permission to re-use, re-use, re-use :) Unless you're a media publication or news focused, you really don't need to constantly churn out new content. Creating new pieces all the time diverts energy away from *marketing* your content effectively.
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Love this! I've been thinking about all of the ways that I can create content but often felt like I was banging my head against the wall lol. I find it much easier to create content to market a business. Marketing myself (even as a marketer) can feel like an uphill battle sometimes. Thank you for making it easier
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Happy to help. You've got this!
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Thank you so much for this, Indeed helpful.
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Wow, Adrienne, this is so insightful. One thing I've always believed is that great content has a long life span and you can reduce its potential when you just keep producing more and more without a strategy. For instance, why write a 2000 word article, share it once and just move on to the next when you can turn into social media posts, newsletters etc? It will really serve companies to work on their distribution and repurposing strategy.I'm about to formally kick off a B2B writing service for SaaS companies and it's been overwhelming trying to figure out how to market myself with content. This has reminded me to take it slow. Thank you.
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I couldn't agree more @lydiaume - there is often such a focus on generating new content. In many regards, it will pay bigger dividends to focus more on distribution and repurposing. Good luck as you kick off your writing service - sounds like an exciting next adventure :)
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I signed up for your free email crash course!
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Thank you and enjoy @TriciaK!